Top Rated Hair Serum For Men & Women

The market may have your every solution from those shampoos, cleansers to even conditioners and oils but you cannot rely on them for complete protection and great results. You cannot shun them to as it can leave your tresses dryer and frizzier. The cosmetic world has something better for your every need.
What is the Hair serums & how is useful for Hairs
Most hair serums go unnoticed as people believe shampooing and conditioning are enough to make hairs beautiful. But you are wrong! Those can give you temporary results only which on drying can be felt.
Hair growth serum is a revolutionary product for hairs which is silicon based, ceremine & amino acids which coat the hairs surface like a protective shield to protect from heat, dryness and sun exposure which makes them unmanageable. Serums add shine and gloss and are a perfect styling material especially for those who do “over styling” by fixing the hairs and keeping them away from tangles.
New improved serums are lighter and more effective on the hairs is a boon for those who have light and thin hairs. They have a broad spectrum which protects the hairs from UVA & UVB rays and light fragrance.
Top hair serums in India (Best Brands of 2016 and 2017)
Confused about which hair growth serum to go for? Sit back and relax as we showcase you some of the best hair serums for your Indian beauty hairs regime:
The best hair serum in India is by the brand Murtela! The product is nourished by ingredients like Castor oil, vegetable oil and glycerin etc which makes it good for the hairs. Ideal for men and women both, you can actually rely on the results. Whether you have oily hairs or dry, thin or thick hairs, you can apply easily. It will protect as well give you the strength and shine. You can buy it for Rs 850.