Best Skin Protection Murtela Ultra Sunscreen Lotion

If you have a dark complexion, the melanin in your skin confers some natural protection from sunburns, and you want to need protect skin from UV rays. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends that everyone wear sunscreen dailyfor the safety of their skin.

MURTELA presents best sun screen lotion with SPF 60 which protection from UVA and UVB rays, If you choose aMurtela ultra sunscreen lotionit is also fortified with ingredients that deflect UVA rays and provides longer lasting protection. Murtela Ultra Sunscreen Lotion blend of octal meth oxide cinnamate, avobenzone, vitamin E, titanium dioxide lotion protect harmful sun rays.

There are two broad types of sunscreen that work for different environments or needs. Physical sunscreens have zinc oxide or titanium oxide, which reflect light. These are particularly great for sensitive skin. In the case of chemical sunscreens, avobenzone or oxybenzone are able to absorb UV rays and break them up through their chemical bonds. These rub in …

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